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Why Ashinkyle

We pride ourselves in quality products delivery all around South Africa and the region. We manufacture and deal only with top quality products.



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Plumbing Insulation

Our Plumbing Insulation products are easy to install and maintain. Whether you use PEX or copper pipes Ashinkyle’s piping insulation will fit your needs.

Your house’s insulation needs

If you installed a coolong or heating system in your home but it’s still seems a bit unefficient there is a simple solution. You have to check the insulation for your house.

Wall Insulation

When we talk about wall insulation, the first thing that comes to mind is ripping down the walls and starting from scratch. Or maybe, drilling big holes and installing blown fiberglass or cellulose.

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Hot or Cold Insulation with Quality In Mind

We guarantee that our work are of the greatest quality. The volume of our work keeps our prices low and allows us to maintain highly professional staff. Call 011 868 3605 to get your insulation product today!

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Top Quality Insulation Materials

Ashinkyle Trading (Pty Ltd)

With a variety of products to serve the needs of our target market, Ashinkyle excels in responding to and understanding the needs of businesses. Offering a turn-key plan or a customized approach, Ashinkyle is certain to have just the right program fit for your building requirement.

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Wall Insulation

We manufacture, import, sell, install, service and repair a wide range of Wall Insulation materials.

Ceiling Insulation

Get that heat air flow barrier between your roof tiles and ceiling and prevent heat from passing through, with our ceiling insulation keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Air Conditioning Insulation

How your home is insulated plays a great role in how much heat must be generated to keep the home warm or cool. To get a central air system to work as efficiently as possible, the key are better insulated walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows.


Polystyrene insulation boards are a type of insulation widely applied to all sorts of insulation like floors, walls and roofs. Call us now for a range of Polystyrene materials.