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AshinKyle is a local distributor, wholesaler of all types of Hot & Cold Insulation products.

AshinKyle is also Importer & Exporter of Insulation & Sheet Metal Products :

  • – TPC ( Thermal Plaster Cement ) Manufactures
  • – Air-conditioning Ductwrap
  • – Sonic Liner
  • – Ceiling Insulation
  • – Partition Board
  • – Plumbing Insulation
  • – Air-Conditioning Insulation
  • – Polystyrene
  • – Arm flex Rubber Tube Insulation
  • – Aluminum Tape
  • – Adhesive
  • – Fibre Glass
  • – Rock Wool
  • – Building Insulation
  • – Mylar Foil
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What Is Insulation?

In the building world, insulation usually refers to the materials that are used to help minimize the transfer of heat and sound in or out of an area. Usually when people think of insulation, they think of it in terms of keeping cold air out of the heated areas of their homes in winter, and keeping the hot air out of the cooler areas of their home during the warmer months. Choosing the best insulation is an important part of the installation process. There are many reasons to use insulation. Probably the most common reason is saving energy and saving money. A properly insulated home, office or industrial costs less to heat and to cool because it uses less energy. For the environmentally conscious person, can be an important factor in insulating a home, office or industrial. When you are able to reduce the amount of energy you use, you cut down on the fossil fuels required to produce that energy, thus reducing your impact on climate change and global warming.

Proper insulation can also help reduce the flammability of your home, office or Industrial. Fire retardant insulation can protect your home from fire damage. In addition, a well-insulated home, office or Industrial is more comfortable as the ambient temperature remains more stable.

A very knowledgeable and competent team. We were looking for a insulation supplier and surely we found one. Would recommend any day. Cheers!!!

Jeremy De Bruin - Sundringham

We needed a roof insulation material and found Ashinkyle guys online. They gave us the best service ever. FANTASTIC!!!!

Lorna Lee Theron - Northcliff - Johannesburg

Wonderful service wonderful people. I will certainly recommend you to others.Thank you so much.

Marelize Le Roux - Bedfordwiev - Johannesburg